Learning and Fun: Sports Classes for Kids.

October 5, 2021 8:15:00 AM EDT | USASF

When it comes to activities, there is no end to the options available for kids.

If you have kids, spend even a little time online or browsing social media and you’ll discover an endless parade of ads and information on kids’ activities. Coding, gaming, arts and crafts and zoo experience opportunities are just a few of the options when it comes to time-filling enrichment ideas.

Sports classes, or sporting activities, will sometimes find a place in the ads and information overload, but not always. Individual and local sports teams, organizations or gyms often don’t have the resources to market or advertise, and so they will rely on word-of-mouth and local networks to attract and recruit new members.

The problem is, with COVID-19 and social distancing putting a barrier between even the simplest interaction, many of these local sports classes are suffering. When looking for an enriching activity for kids, it’s easy to overlook local opportunities. It’s too bad, because there is a lot to love with sports classes for kids.

What Are Sports Classes for Kids?

There is a distinct difference between sports and sports classes.

A sport can be as simple as a quick pick-up game in the park. If you have a soccer ball and a few bags, you can be playing in just a few minutes. Tossing a football in the front yard is another example of a sport.

Sports classes bring in an additional element. The focus isn’t just on playing, but also teaching the fundamentals of the game. It’s on learning and improving as well as having fun and engaging in physical activity. With the right class and instructor, you don’t have to wheedle, cajole and trick children into getting off the couch and out of the house.

Along the way, you’ll discover additional benefits that you won’t find in other activities for kids.

The Benefits of Sports Classes

Every program is different, just like every child and every family. However, there are a few benefits you can count on when you find a strong local sports class.

  • Learning: The whole focus of a sports class is learning a sport. It’s teaching fundamentals and improving. That means teaching rules, learning strategy, and building muscle memory in every class and game. It means listening to a teacher and practicing, something which is too often difficult to teach.
  • Friendship: Finding a safe space to build friendships, make new friends and interact with people that are different than you can be difficult. Sports classes are an opportunity to make new friends that shouldn’t be missed. Lifelong friendships often begin on a team, during the grueling practices or the moments of victory.
  • Social skills: Kids learn social skills by observation and emulation. While the parents and family are the primary model for social skills with children, the importance of watching and learning from other children can’t be overstated. Siblings are important, but in a sports class, kids can learn from and practice with peers.
  • Fun: We could have easily put fun at the top of the list. Fun, physical activities are an important milestone in the life of any child. Sports classes offer the opportunity to play with friends. They can stretch their muscles, push themselves and have a good time in a safe and enriching environment. The experiences and lessons they learn will last a lifetime.
  • Leadership: While every sports class will have a teacher, manager or coach, in every game and practice there will be a multitude of opportunities for each child to become a leader. They can teach a new skill, offer a new strategy or step up at a critical point in a contest. These opportunities will leave a lasting impression on kids.

Finding Sports Classes in Your Area

As the opportunities for social interaction grow, and the need for social distancing lessens, parents will be looking for classes and activities for kids. Make sure to take the time to investigate and find the sports classes and gyms in your areas.

Want some help? The USASF is proud to offer the All Star Club Finder. Simply type in your ZIP code and the Finder will list local gyms offering All Star programs. Take some time to find the sports classes that work best for your kids. The USASF is here to help.