Parents - The Unsung Heroes of All Star

December 04, 2019 | Karen Wilson

The role of the All Star Parent is TOUGH and there is a huge learning curve when first joining All Star! Choosing an All Star program that meets the needs of your child AND provides the best opportunity for learning physical skills, making friends and progressing safely can be overwhelming and stressful. Then, once making the decision to join All Star, 

you have to navigate schedules around work, school and other family members' obligations, which can be challenging in and of itself. Of course, you also have to manage the financial commitment and the logistics involved in traveling to practices and competitions; planning and budgeting becomes essential for success. As an All Star parent you are often the unsung hero and it is important to note that all youth sports must acknowledge and value the vital role of the parent in an athlete's experience and success. The USASF does recognize YOUR value and that without YOU, your child would not be able to fully enjoy the sport or thrive in it.

As a full-fledged All Star parent, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • How can I contribute to the success of my child beyond their team or individual success?
  • What are the skills I need to learn in order to become the parent who is supportive, who listens and is a positive role model for my child?
  • How do I help my child navigate the challenges that arise within all sports?
  • How do I convert these challenges into teachable moments?

Through All Star the value and benefits for your child can be life changing. Their experience will help shape and mold them in ways that will prepare them for the next chapter of their life, adulthood. The USASF recognizes that your choice to invest in All Star is significant and that the return on your investment is often not easily measured. Through youth sports, including All Star, your child will learn how to develop skills such as discipline, time management, compromise and hard work into a proactive pathways toward college, long-term careers and successful interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Russell Kennedy is a Health/Sport Psychologist and Wellness specialist who works collaboratively with All Star programs to provide expertise and resources to owners, coaches, parents and athletes. He has worked with gymnasts and cheerleaders with mental blocks and performance anxiety for decades. He uses sports psychology and motivational interviewing to help turn mental blocks into stepping stones. Traveling throughout New England and across the country, Dr. Russ has also contributed to the USASF Leadership Workshops for Athletes and the USASF Wellness Essential Video Series.

The USASF offers a number of resources to foster the overall growth and development of our athletes. We look forward to serving as your partner throughout your athlete's journey through All Star, as it creates a path to their lifelong success! For more insight into the Parent Partnership watch this video from Dr. Russell Kennedy.

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